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Infographics are very interesting resources for transmitting information. Through them it is possible to combine creativity and information to assimilate different types of content. There are different models of infographics that can be used for this purpose.

Making an infographic can be relatively easy, especially with the availability of several templates to be chosen on the internet. But, you need to know which model is the most suitable for the type of information you want to convey.

Therefore, below you can see some of the main models of infographics to be used. Check out.

Top Infographics Templates

  • Static infographic

This is a very comprehensive group of infographic, since it is possible to detach several types of static infographics. Static infographics consist of infographics that do not use video or gif resources, for example. They consist of photos, images, icons and texts used in an organized way to convey an idea.

Within the static infographics we can find several other models.

  • Comparative infographic

Comparative infographics use comparison as a didactic way of opposing ideas. This model has a high assimilation power, since our brain can understand very well the characteristics of two pieces of information when they are compared.

In addition, it is a way of imparting information impartially as both sides of the coin will be presented.

  • Statistical infographic

One of the most used infographics templates. Infographics have a feature of bringing consistent data and information to your content. For this reason, the statistical infographic is a good choice for anyone who wants to convey data-based arguments and achieve authority on the subject.

For its accomplishment it is necessary a vast research of data, graphs, numbers, studies, among others. After this extensive research, it is necessary to select the most important data.

Presenting data through infographics is one of the most didactic forms of assimilation, as illustrations and icons can accompany numerical information, making learning easier.

  • Informative infographics

This is one of the models that most allow you to unleash creativity and imagination. The objective here is to communicate about a subject that is dominated, a new concept. It is one of the most common and used, as it allows ideas to be synthesized and passed through topics, lists and other communication resources.

It is possible to use different layouts to create this model and colors are also an important resource for passing on ideas.

  • Timeline infographics

This infographic is used to show historical changes or over a specific period of time. It is an interesting resource to show the evolution of a concept, a profession, someone’s career, etc.

For each information a different model

The different models of infographics allow a range of possibilities to be available when passing on information. With so many models available, it is essential to find out in which ideas can best be presented and assimilated by the public.

Infographics are excellent resources for mixing different types of design tools, leaving the final result with the face of the company, the brand, the product and the objective to be achieved.

Bet on this material

Today you can check out some infographic templates to synthesize and pass on information to the public. The great success of infographics means that they are increasingly requested as an information medium.

It is worth remembering that its ease of assimilating information is very well received by internet users and infographics can be used to pass on any type of information. Just use your creativity.

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