What Is E-books ?

Knowing what e-books are, or digital books, is essential to further expand digital marketing strategies. In fact, the e-book has not always been considered so important to reach more customers and people interested in a brand, service or product.

The e-book has become a very interesting resource for creating content in different formats and with the rise of some electronic devices it can gain prominence among book sales.

Next, you can check more information about the What is e-books and some tips on how it can be used to your advantage in digital marketing actions. Check out.

Understanding e-books

The word e-book is the abbreviation for eletronic book which in Portuguese means electronic book. Electronic books were first launched as an innovation to traditional physical books. The first “e-book” was launched in 1971 with all the limitations that the old diskettes contained for storing information.

With the advancement of technology, e-book s were becoming more common and today we can say that they are very popular and still managed to gain a prominent position on the content marketing.

Before being used as a marketing strategy, e-books were widely used for the transmission of traditional books. Of the most varied genres, digital books have gained even more space with the emergence of electronic equipment such as kindle . The kindle allows a very comfortable reading of e-books, making this niche grow a lot in recent years.

It comes to content marketing, know what e-book s and how to develop it has become a very effective strategy for different goals such as introducing a new product for users, educating them about a service, provide important information about the brand and offer exclusive content that cannot be found anywhere else.

The sense of exclusivity is one of the pillars that sustain the success of e-books in digital marketing.

The e-book as a strategy

Creating an e-book is not a very difficult task. Unlike hundreds of page romance books, an e-book used for digital marketing strategy is focused on the quality of information and not the number of pages. But it is worth remembering that the e-book must offer relevant and in-depth content to the user.

The e-book is a material that must be produced with an intention and always offering exclusive content so that users have a keen interest in downloading that content. The e-book can be used as an exchange with users: to download the e-book the user needs to offer some information, such as sex, location and e-mail, for example.

Only with this information is it possible to learn more about potential customers and to direct strategies so that they go through all the stages of the sales funnel and become effective customers.

One of the positive points of the e-book is that it doesn’t have to be just a long flowing text, making reading more tiring. This feature allows the use of images, highlighted text, lists and several resources so that this content is dynamic and rich in information.

Mapping the possibilities

Now you can better understand what is e-books and how it can be used in digital marketing, worth the penalty deepen in mapping new strategies to leverage your business.

The e-book, as well as other resources, has been gaining a special place in digital marketing, resulting in the creation of creative content that arouses the interest of users.

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